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What Is Online Dating

How does online over 60's dating work?

Online dating works in a similar but far more convenient way to how personals ads work in newspapers. Instead of posting a tiny ad in a newspaper, you post a profile online instead, telling people a little about yourself, what you enjoy, places you like to go and the type of person you would like to meet. You can also add a photo or even a few photo's of yourself to your profile too.

It doesn't stop there, with 60 Dating, you can also use our simple search tools to browse other 60+ singles as near or far from you as you like, just as anyone else searching can find your profile too. When you feel ready, you can upgrade your account to our premium service, which then allows you to get in touch with and reply to all of your potntial dates, right here, online.

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Safe Over 60 Dating

Is 60 Dating The Right Website For Me?

We opened 60 Dating back in 2009 with the sole purpose of helping singles over 60 find love and companionship. Since then we have welcomed many members to our serive on a daily basis. Our memebrs know that using our website is safe, confidential and above all else; very easy to use.

When we welcome you as a new member to our website, you become a free trial member, meaning you can post your own over 60 dating profile and can browse other member profiles from your local area or from across the country. When you find somebody you would like to meet, you can upgrade to our premium service, taking full advantage of one of our competitively discounted membership packages.

Safe Over 60 Dating

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How Do I Start Dating In My 60's?

Online dating may sound scary and technical, but it really is the easiest way get you dating again...

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    Use our easy search tools to find other singles in their 60's as near or as far from you as you like.

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    Send and recieve messages to and from other members that grab your attention, go on, don't be shy.

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Find Your Over 60's Dating Match

There's an old British saying; "You have to be in it to win it", which is exactly what we say when we're talkign about dating over 60. There is a popualr misconception among young people, that older folk are not tech savvy and have no idea how to use the Internet, as it's supposed to be difficult to use. Well, you being here reading this right now disproves that 100%. In fact, using our service couldn't be easier. You can join using a computer, tablet or you mobile phone, once joined, you can use any of these to log in and collect and send your messages, the experience will be the same on each.

Once signed up, you should head over to write your profile. This doesn't need to be a novel, you want to keep some surprises for your first date, just a paragraph about who you are, where you're from and waht you enjoy doing. If you have a large family, you could write a line or 2 about them. you don't need to make yourself out to be a millionaire movie star, just an ordinary person will do. Afterall, all of our members are ordinary people jsut like you anyway. Don't forget to add a nice photo of yourself, sportign your best smile. Smiling photo's get much more attention than frowning selfies..

Once your over 60's dating profile is shiny and ready fo rthe public, yo ucan head over to our simple search tool and find other members online near you.

Starting Your Over 60s Dating Adventure

So you've dipped your toe into the world of New Zealand online dating. It's not as scary as you'd thought but the jury is still out for now. That's natural, you're human, usually if it is too good to be true, and it often is! But there is so much to be excited about when it comes to senior dating online. The benefits of finding love online far outweigh finding love elsewhere!

The main thing we value here at 60 Dating New Zealand is that you are becoming part of our dating community. Not only that, but you are contributing to it with every single interaction, every photo, every action! You are making the pool of potential suitors flood with the more you join in, the more you relax and enjoy yourself! You'll be speaking with and meeting people who may not end up being the one for you; but these people will form part of your support network going forward, you'll be able to rely on these people to keep you smiling, for the humour that is needed when dating and also a friend when you need one!

If you were going it alone, the people you could talk to about it, who were feeling and experiencing the same genuine feelings that you are, would be quite small! The journey to finding love and companionship is supposed to be fun, head spinning and butterfly inducing. It can you give the feeling of wanting to shout it from the rooftops - and why shouldn't you!? By finding love online over 60, you have that option and you should enjoy every second of it!

If you are looking to make new memories, meet someone with similar family values as you and blend your families together, doing it online at your own pace is the way forward! The luxury of finding love online is that you can take things as slow or as fast as you want to! This means that if you have a family of your own, you can steadily work to introduce your new special person in your life when it feels right!

So, if you are looking to find something a little different while still having the luxury of doing it in your own time, 60Dating is the site for you! The benefits outweigh any negatives or worries! You could be on your way to love in now time!

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